App creation Training



We are in the jet age and mobile Apps are gradually taking over from websites. If you don’t act fast, you will be left behind . Only those who adapts quickly to a technological trend make the giant income from it first. I want to open your eyes to a very important Secret. In this Masterclass, If you already have a website, We will help you have an App version of it on Playstore. When people forget your web address, the can just open your App. If you don’t have a website, I will teach you how to create an innovative App or game and start selling on playstore or make money incorporating it with Google Admob. In this training you will learn

1. How to Create Mobile App Or Game
2. How to make money helping big organizations and Small businesses to create Mobile Apps (don’t charge less than 50k)
3. How to sell your App on Playstore Worldwide Making money for you for the rest of your life.

4. How My company generated Over N4Million in Revenue With a year with incorporated Apps.

5.How To iamp

rporate Google Admob to your App and start generating income (Google Admob is a very hot cake, i’ts an App version for Google AdSense. Google will pay you to advertise to thousands of people on your App)
6. How to make passive income with sponsored Ads from companies.
7. At the end of this training, You will get one App for free, Created by yourself with my assistance During this training (an App can value up to N500,000 or more to create for client.)